Italian Food is my favourite
  • I am a huge lover of Italian Food, Spaghetti, Lasagne, Pizza....all the normal food you would associate with Italy, but does any one know of any hidden Italian delicacies i can try?
  • Yes you should try Arancini . I had these as a child in Italy wit my family. They are rice balls coated in bread crumbs. An they come either. Plain or stuffed wit cheese. Meat or vegetables. Delicious
  • Absolutely LOVE Italian food, especially the basic everyday menus, home-made pesto served with pasta, a salad, glass of wine and surrounded by family, nothing can beat that!
  • Im a basic pizza man myself, though a Peroni beer as well doesnt go a miss haha
  • I have to admit I had some of the best pizzas ever in Italy last year! Could just eat one now and a Peroni would not be bad either.
  • €1 for a big beer, mmmm!!
  • 80cents for a litre of Rose Wine even better!
  • ok, you win
  • Love the new pages on the Cuisine in the various regions of Italy and the difference in the foods enjoyed around Italy, you tend to think that they all have the same and I found browsing through these pages really interesting.
  • Which area had the best food for you?
  • I have to say that the northern regions are my favourites, even though I love them all, but my overall favourite has to be Trentino-Alto-Adige/Sud Tyrol, with its rich Italian dishes and the influence of delicious Austrian cuisine it is unbeatable! mmm..... if anyone wants to see for themselves have a look at

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