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  • I would just like to say a Big Welcome to all our new members who have joined recently. Please dont be shy, feel free to join in and create new topics to talk through with our other members
  • Hi Anthony and Chris, only two names at the moment, I am known as Omi to my family of four children, six grand-children and two great-grandchildren. My husband and I have spent many happy years travelling around Europe on holidays with our children when they were small and now they are grown up we have more time to spend to see a bit more. We find though that the more you see the more you want to see, could do with a lottery win so that we could get away even more. Have not really explored much outside Europe as there is so much to see and do and also such a variety that we are happy doing our travelling here. Have spent a lot of time in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy all of which we love to bits. Hoping to explore Scandanavia soon. We have always discovered places and information as we went along but finding this site has given us the opportunity to find information before we go, which has often been a big help, all the information is in one place and no need to search for a bit here and there which gets too boring for us. So a big thank you to all at the Tour Expert and keep up the good work.

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