Villages in Switzerland
  • What is your favourite village in Switzerland?
  • Oberholz in Wald, Zurich, means a lot to me.
  • Havent heard off it before. Is it nice, anything special to see there?
  • To be honest I have not been back there for a long time, but have happy memories.
  • I love the town of St Gallen, near Lake Constance, on the Austrian border. It has the most wonderful cathedral, and i believe one of the largest medievel libraries in the world...stunning!
  • Yes St Gallen Cathedral is quite famous. There is a lovely village near there called Flums it is set in a valley fantastic scenery.
  • It is Switzerland, so which town isnt set on a hill with great scenery???.....though I am a little biased being Swiss myself
  • Fly the flag high Anthony!!!!

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