• Which are the best Aires you have stayed at?
  • I have found that France, Germany and Italy have the best Aires and are the easiest to find. Britain seems to be far behind in being Motorhome friendly.
  • Hi Omi :) Any motorhome stops you have really enjoyed?
  • Yes Anthony, one of the friendliest was in San Giovanni Rotundo in Puglia,Italy. Showers, services, buses laid on to take you to town, lovely views and the best pizza ever in the family run restaurant. Hope to go back there soon.
  • Very nice. I found a great family run one in a farm, believe it or not, a farm in Milan!!!!!! I would like to go there again, showers, full services for the motorhome, was perfect and the bus into Milan was right outside
  • What a coincidence I know that one, spent some time there myself, I have to agree it is really weird a farm in Milan! It has to be the same one couldn't be two of them!
  • I think the tram was roughly €1 and it took you directly to the Duomo as well, people really shouldnt be afraid of Milan or the big cities, there is so much to see. I spent a week in Milan and still didnt get to visit all the least it an excuse to go back :)
  • Do you know if there is an Aires at Siena? Hoping there is one close by.
  • There is one at the bottom of the road which leads up to the main old town. The buses use it to park. It is about a ten to fifteen minute walk, but is worth it
  • So few official Overnight Stopping places for motorhomes in the U.K. I think this is putting a lot of people from the continent off from visiting Britain with their motorhomes as there are so few "Camperstops" compared to the growing amount on the continent. It really is an untapped market which I think the City Councils are missing out on, empty spare land could be easily cleaned up (very little expense), water, a pay machine and marked out bays and they would be receiving money constantly, also bring further revenue into the towns and cities in the way of tourism. If they had a security guard on site this would also provide a few jobs which would, of course be paid for out of the money taken on the parking, so again no cost to the council. Personally think they are being very slow on the uptake. Maybe all motorhome owners should put it to their local authorities and see who would be the first to try it out.

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